Room Tax Tools

On July 14, 2015 Wisconsin Act 55 made numerous reforms to Wisconsin's Room Tax Statute 66.0615. WH&LA is in the process of developing new resources to assist the lodging industry and the general public in interpreting the new statutes correctly and adhering to the new requirements. The tools posted below include the revisions, with further resources coming soon.

  • Wisconsin Local Room Tax Model - a diagram displaying how the process of local room tax works in Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Room Tax Statute - This includes the numerous statutory changes from 2015 and the latest updated language signed into law on March 30, 2016.
  • Clarification on Confidentiality of Room Tax Information, relates to what information should be kept confidential by a municipality collecting Room Tax in Wisconsin
  • 2015-17 Biennial Budget Revisions to Municipal Room Tax is an Information Memorandum issued by the state's Legislative Council, focusing on municipality clarifications
  • Tourism Commission Overview - organizes the multiple references to commissions in statute 66.0615 in one easier to read tool that will help ensure that there is increased awareness, understanding, and compliance with our state law.
  • Tourism Entity Overview - will be released August 3, 2016
  • 2015 WI Act 55 Room Tax Reporting - This one page resource provides an overview by the State Department of Revenue  (DOR) of all of the components required by room tax statute 66.0615 to be reported to the DOR by municipalities imposing a room tax. The first report must be remitted by May of 2017, covering the 2016 fiscal year.
The following resources are for WH&LA Lodging Members only and are password protected.
Please note that the following resources do not include the July 2015 changes, however they still contain some valuable information.
Room Taxes and Tourism Development (2012, by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance) explores the impact of tourism spending on wages and incomes in Wisconsin counties. It also provides available room figures and data for major tourist markets in the state with snapshots of tourism trends and their potential impact.

Local Government Revenue Options - January 2015 includes the state's information on Room Tax, along with special district taxes

The pieces provided here are a public service from the Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association (WH&LA) and are not intended to replace legal counsel. For questions on any of the WH&LAs Room Tax publications, contact Trisha Pugal at 262/782-2851 or